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Back in time for the holidays: Safe Warm Loved

8 Nov

Safe Warm Loved: Bringing some warmth to child victims of domestic violence in Long Beach

It’s safe to say I terribly under-estimated how much having a second child would cut into my sewing time. After a long reprieve, I was finally able to jump back into sewing blankets for Safe Warm Loved. A batch of 12 hand-made blankets will be delivered 11/9.

As a reminder, I created Safe Warm Loved to provide soft cuddle blankets for child victims of domestic violence. The hand-made blankets are meant to bring some measure of comfort to the children when they enter shelter situations (in this case, at Women’s Shelter Long Beach).

A hug full of love in every blanket, as Blake puts it: for other boys and girls.

If you’re interested in sewing blankets or purchasing/donating fabric to support the project, please drop me a line via Facebook – facebook.com/jessicastonefield!

Otherwise, donations can be made via a special Safe Warm Loved link on PayPal. I won’t be asking for specific donation amounts this year – anything helps!