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May the birthday be with you …

30 Sep
Happy Birthday! Ewok Invite

Happy Birthday! Ewok Invite

So – it pains me to say this, but my baby is officially a … boy. On Sept. 23, he turned 5 years old, and we decided to throw a special “Ewok Party” (i.e. Star Wars party) to help him celebrate. The following are a few of the simple things we did to bring his party to life.

First up: The invitations. Awhile back, a friend recommended a website called Spoonflower, which allows you to design and print your own fabric for a (fairly) reasonable price. I decided to use it to screen-print home-designed Ewoks (created in Illustrator) and make stuffed Ewok invites for his buds. (The actual invitation details are rolled into a stick in the Ewok’s backpack.)


You’re invited!

Next up:  Make your own lightsaber station! A co-worker shared this idea, and given my fondness for duct tape design, I had to nab it. All you need are swimming noodles (cut in half), duct tape, and scissors. Set up stations and let kids and mamas alike go to town creating their own perfect lightsaber.

Welcome to Blake Dean's lightsaber station!

Welcome to Blake Dean’s lightsaber station!

After spending hours jumping in a bounce house in the warm Cali sun, the kids needed a little boost … enter light saber popsicles. It was a bit difficult to find popsicles long enough to accurately represent the length of a lightsaber … but I finally found some care of Kool Pops. I’ll never settle for regular popsicles again!


Last but not least: our bean bag toss. We wanted this project to be as labor-free as possible, so we re-purposed an old pallet with a Star Wars theme. Combine that with some simple bean bags (Star Wars fabric and dried split peas!), and you have one out-of-this-world game.

Score! Star Wars bean bag toss

Score! Star Wars bean bag toss

Star Wars bean bags

Homemade Star Wars bean bags

Oh, and don’t forget the cookies. Special thanks to Sweet Jill’s in Seal Beach for making these rad Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan lightsaber cookies. As powerful as they are delicious.


Sparkly lightsaber cookies from Sweet Jill’s

All in all, an awesome day with amazing people – and tons of out-of-this-world memories. I’d say the Ewok Party was a success.

Mom Solo


Ewok love

7 Aug


So – since seeing Return of the Jedi at Comic Con 2013, Blake has developed an intense love of Ewoks. I decided to make him one, inspired by this simple pic I found online.

I started out with a quick sketch and ordered some supplies. It wasn’t long before the fur was flying … and I was falling in love with this little fuzzy and Force-ful creation.

The plan.

The plan.

Once I got my vision pinned down, it took about 1.5 hours to finish the project. Some quick lessons learned for those seeking to create an Ewok of their own:

  • Unless you have an industrial-sized sewing machine, plan to become besties with your glue-gun. It’s the only way to secure the hole used to insert stuffing (at least with the extra-shaggy fur I chose for the project.)
  • Head outside. This specific fur sheds like crazy. Go outside to avoid a fur-storm on your floors and clothing.
  • Rather than adhere your stick to the Ewok’s hand, give him a wristband so that his stick can be easily inserted/removed as needed. (Cuddling a stick = ouch!)
As they say in Ewok-ese, Nuv! (Love!)

As they say in Ewok-ese, Nuv! (Love!)

Time: About 2 hours
Budget: $20
Supplies: ½ yard shaggy fur, ¼ yard wool felt, two eyes, 1 nose, 1 stick, yarn