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In love with my little linebacker …

1 Nov

My little Linebacker, Rhett Lee

With all the Comic Con talk, I realized I forgot to post a picture of my other son’s 2011 Halloween costume. Rhett Lee, already the size of a linebacker at just under 6 months of age, dressed (not surprisingly) as a football player.

I almost gave up on this costume simply because the helmet was so difficult to make. I couldn’t find any baby football helmet patterns online, which meant I had to create it from scratch. After a few attempts, I was convinced it would never look like anything but a prairie bonnet.

Who knew a baby football helmet could be so hard to make?

However, once I threw on his shoulder pads (fleece stuffing) and some eyeliner (thanks to my husband for the idea), I was in love. Total cost? $0. (I used only remnants and scraps in my sewing bin, along with clothes we already had on-hand.)

I think it might be my favorite baby Halloween outfit of all time.

Or at least, one of my favorite models. :)