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Sew your own Captain America shield backpack

24 Apr

So – with Captain America: Winter Soldier being released this month, I felt like it was time for our Captain America costumes to get a little re-vamp. We decided to start with the most important element – the shield – and to create a handy backpack while we were at it. When I say these Cap-Packs are easy to make, I’m not kidding. I started them Thursday afternoon, and they were ready in time to head to WonderCon 2014 on Friday morning. (Less than ONE DAY!)

Trifecta America: homemade Captain America backpacks

Trifecta America: homemade Captain America backpacks

The Cap Pack
It’s incredibly simple to create a Captain America backpack just like Captain Rogers. Just cut some circles, find (or sew) some straps, and go! A quick, cheap, *awesome* costume item that the kids can actually use!

What you’ll need:

  • 2 large red circles (I chose felt because it holds it shape and the colors really pop)
  • 2 large red circles (rip-stop/nylon) for lining
  • 1 smaller white circle
  • 1 smaller red circle
  • 1 smaller blue circle
  • 1 white star
  • 2 straps (sew or purchase – I used brown felt because it was cheap and easy)

A note for other mamas: don’t be afraid to create your own pattern! Once you find the right-sized circle to get you started, creating the other pieces is super simple. I started with a super large circle for me, and a smaller circle for the boys.  I lined my backpack with rip-stop nylon to make it even sturdier.

Total time: About 1.5 hours a piece!
Total cost for the Cap Packs: About $10 a piece

Um ... chills.

Um … chills.

The New Costume:
Captain America sports a darker costume and different chest design than the last movie. To keep it simple, I ordered navy blue tshirts from Target and glue-gunned some gray trim to mimic the new design.

Total time: About 10 minutes!
Total cost for the shirts: About $8 a piece

Busy bodies: Reading comics and saving the world at WonderCon 2014.

Busy bodies: Reading comics and saving the world at WonderCon 2014.

That’s it – you’re done!

Super Hero Mama


Captain Blake … er, Blakey America

20 Oct

Captain Blakey

Given our joint love for Captain America, it didn’t take us long to decide what costume I should make Blake for Halloween this year. The only question was how to go about creating the outfit, and ensuring it was one that Blake would actually be willing to wear – whether at his day camp Halloween party or while scavenging our new neighborhood for candy.

I decided to go uber-simple, creating a shield and headband, and allowing him to fill the gaps with a Captain America tee and simple blue pants. All I needed:

Red, white and blue fleece (remnant bin @ 50% off!)

(1) 2 in. seat cushion ($8 – I forgot my coupon or it would have been $4)

Fluff & stuff pillow filling (onhand)

Granted, I’m not a perfect freehand circle-maker. But I think the shield came out really great. Not only is it super useful in terms of protecting myself when Blake charges at me, but it looks super-cute as an extra throw on his bed or the couch.

Best. Little Golden Book. Evah. (Actually, it's really poorly written! But we still love it!)

There is literally nothing in this world that makes me happier than when Blake lights up like a Christmas tree because of something I made him. And let me tell you – he loves this Captain America shield. And I love the fact that it’s something he will still be playing with, long past Halloween just like the Super Blake cape I made him last year, which he sported so proudly at Comic Con this summer :).

Super Blake - still going strong, even after Halloween 2010

Hells, yeah!