The Walking Dead – alive and kicking (ass)

4 Mar


On Friday, we had the chance to see the 2013 PaleyFest presentation for The Walking Dead at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. Despite some lagging sales for this year’s Paley events overall, this event was sold out (shocker!) so we were psyched to be lucky enough to land tickets. A quick overview of my fave moments:

Steven Yeun on Glenn: All he wants is to be safe … with Maggie … “in a field of food”

Andrew Lincoln admitting Rick had made some questionable decisions this season (you think?)

Laurie Holden’s intrinsic attachment to her character, and her sisterly relationship to Danai Gurira off-camera

Seeing a first-hand glimpse of this Sunday’s episode (Go, Carl!)

Collective swoon when Norman Reedus walked in.

Chris Hardwick being … Chris Hardwick

The feeling of Paley events overall. The last one I went to was for Dexter, just following its awesome Season 4. The experience was similarly endearing, offering a chance to see actors being so open / honest / funny / caring / sweet / humble – and absolutely thankful to be part of such a kickass series.


To watch the full PaleyFest event via Hulu, click here.

Attending this year’s PaleyFest for The Walking Dead:

Robert Kirkman, Executive Producer
Gale Anne Hurd, Executive Producer
Dave Alpert, Executive Producer
Greg Nicotero, Executive Producer
Andrew Lincoln, “Rick Grimes”
Danai Gurira, “Michonne”
Laurie Holden, “Andrea”
Steven Yeun, “Glenn Rhee”
Norman Reedus, “Daryl Dixon”
Scott Wilson, “ Hershel Greene”
Emily Kinney, “Beth Greene”
Moderator: Chris Hardwick, Host, The Talking Dead




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