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Vegan muffin madness

23 May

Vegan apple muffins = Vegan apple yummy

So – I’m not a baker, by any means. In fact, on my list of (loosely rated) domestic talents – which is short – cooking/baking is missing completely. Which is why I had a major anxiety attack when I learned that I’d be serving as snack mom this week for Blake’s (├╝ber-progressive) Waldorf preschool.

For me, the most stressful part of serving as snack mom stems from the snacks that have come before me – lush organic affairs harvested (in many cases) from the moms’ own back yards. For a girl completely un-versed in home-baked snack-age, it was a bit overwhelming.

After a quick consult with a long-time vegan friend who directed me to, I decided to go with a vegan apple walnut muffin (sans walnuts due to potential monster food allergies). Though relatively easy, the recipe called for list of ingredients that were entirely foreign to me. Sucanat? Barley flour? Apple cider vinegar? In fact, I had exactly ONE ingredient from the entire list in my house (salt). Which meant a trip to Whole Foods was in order.

It’s incredibly un-hip (and un-SoCal) of me to admit this, but I have never shopped at Whole Foods in my life, and I found it incredibly stressful to sort through the ridiculous number of organic ingredient options lining the shelves. After wandering aimlessly for at least an hour, I finally found everything I needed – to the tune of $68! (FYI, it is not cheap being an organic vegan mama in El Lay!)

I went home immediately to try a practice batch, just in case they didn’t turn out. Amazingly, they did – and even better than I could have imagined. They were sweet, soft, moist, and yummy – and if they weren’t so $*%&*!-ing expensive, I would make them every single day.

This morning, I finally had the chance to share my new culinary specialty with the kids at school. I don’t want to brag, but those 3-year-olds gobbled them up! Vegan apple muffins = very big hit for this little mama! Which means that maybe next time I won’t be quite so scared to take on the role of snack mom … as long as I’ve got enough cash in my bank account.

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A little look at Lucerne …

23 May

View from my hotel room

So – it would be remiss not to mention that I had the chance to work in Lucerne, Switzerland, for two weeks this month as part of a major writing project.

Morning coffee …

Though I missed the monsters incredibly, I feel blessed to have had the chance to see a new city in such a beautiful part of the world. (Not to mention practice my struggling German …)

Nach Interlaken

I didn’t have much time to travel within Switzerland, but I did make it down to Interlaken for the day. The train ride was heaven, and the views (every day – from every vantage point) were amazing.

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