“Excuse me, you must be in the Witness Protection program …”

21 Aug

Witness protection disguise, or merely eyeglasses?

Awhile back, I bought the too-good-to-be-true Groupon for a full pair of eyeglasses at Lensway.com for just $29. Even better, when I visited their site, I found that they had my most sought-after style of spectacles evah: cat-eye frames. I bought a pair and excitedly waited for the shipment to appear. When they did, I almost died laughing. The glasses I was so looking forward to wearing were almost as big as my entire face.

It took me a full 20 minutes just to allow my husband to see me in the frames. The moment he did, he asked if I was in witness protection … and then if I needed windshield wipers to clean them … and on and on. Yes. They’re gigantic. And I vowed right then and there that I’d never wear them in public, or light of day.

However, after wearing my big-ass glasses over the past few months, I’ve grown to love them. They are certainly stunning, for better or worse. And it’s awesome to be able to see things instead of squinting all the time. So, yesterday I decided to wear them in public for the first time.

I didn’t get any compliments, as you might imagine. But it felt nice to feel *that* confident in myself that I could leave the house with what could probably pass for a Halloween disguise on my face and not die of embarrassment. Yet. :)


As an addendum, my aunt just sent me the following pic of my mama from when she was young, sporting very similar cat-eye frames. Love button. :)

Like mama, like daughter :)

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