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Too Good to Keep Secret

25 Mar

Every once in awhile, I’ll do a mock-up that doesn’t get used, but is too good to keep secret. This is one of my favorite out-takes from a recent client direct mail campaign. Not used, but still sexy.

Recent Steel City Press Out-take


Sew much to do, so little time

22 Mar
Diaper Bag by Bronco and Mare

Mama's Punk Rock Diaper Bag

Blake Dean's Punk Rock Bible

Cowboy couture by Bronco & Mare

Being a mom is harder than I thought. Mostly because before I had my son, I was used to having plenty of time for self-expression. Plenty of time to write or sing (or put off writing and singing until I felt like it).

Now that I have a monster of my own, I definitely find myself making the absolute best use of my time, in terms of not just creative expression, but making that expression useful for myself and my family. One of my favorite ways of doing that is sewing.

I bought my first sewing machine in January 2009. After a quick lesson from a super friend (Marion Saffery), I’ve been sewing my brains out ever since. And, my son is the perfect outlet. From diaper bags to cowboy hoodies for my kiddo, there’s always something fun to make that allows me to express myself, and my spirit at the same time. I’ve started selling my goods online at Bronco & Mare refers to the rebel pony child and the caring mama – all coming together as one.

As my sewing machine embroiders, I’ve also been able to create some super cool books for my kid. It’s the absolute perfect way to combine writing, sewing, and creating cool messages for my son to grow on.