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Aprons, and Apropos

2 Nov

In addition to being a writer, I’m a mama. And a wife. And a musician. And a seamstress. And sometimes it feels like these things just don’t always come together in the easiest way. Clearly they don’t always come together quickly. I launched this blog in … November? It’s March 2010, and I’ve finally had a chance to get my head around what I need it to be!

For better or worse, Comm-Couture is my attempt to bring all of these worlds together. It’s my attempt to be me, in the truest sense, without judging whether or not I’m a success in the traditional way. My first find worth sharing (and screaming for)? This awesome vintage apron by Vintage E, which I found on It makes dinner on the run sexy, fun, and allows me to enjoy a little bit of cowgirl at the same time.

Life is about the little things. comm-Couture is about helping me remember them.

Til next time.